• 23'-24'Wind&Snow Season START!

    23'-24'Wind&Snow Season が入荷しています。

    今回のテーマは "Walk out to winter"

    音楽カルチャー「Neo Accoustic」をイメージソースに生まれたコレクションをぜひお楽しみください。

    パンクロックの終焉が近づいた1980年代初頭のイギリスから生まれた音楽カルチャー「Neo Accoustic」
    そんなバンドの一つにロディフレイム率いるAztec Cameraがいる。彼らの傑作1stアルバムの中にWalk out to winterという曲があるのだが、これは、寒い冬に敢えて外に出ようとする決意の歌であり、歌詞の中に、「ジョーストラマーのポスターは君の部屋の壁から剥げ落ちてしまったね」と、パンクはもう終わったと揶揄している。パンクの終焉から新しい音楽を模索していたロディフレイムが、ハードでメッセージ性の強いパンクロックの対極にある、センチメンタルでメロディアスなアコースティックサウンドを目指した19歳の覚悟でもある。 



  • 23SS "Asphalt Safari" Colleciton 販売開始のご案内

    23SS Breeze & Sunshine Season シーズンテーマ "Asphalt Safari"

    Season VisualとMovie も公開しています。ぜひご覧ください。

     "Asphalt Safari"

    山下達郎氏の"Jungle Swing"がTheme Songとなっている1993年の日産スカイラインのCFからインスパイアされたコレクションでもあり、都市生活者の孤独を表現している。 AORは常に洗練された音楽と共に在ります。
  • PREP×AOR Embroidery Regular Collar Shirt

    We have started selling exclusive shirts made by order from the city pop band PREP in London, England.

    "PREP AOR" is embroidered on the base of AOR's classic Soctas shirt. Please take a look.

    From here

  • 2BUY 10% OFF Start Down has arrived.

    2BUY 10% off started on November 11th.
    Applicable to all products. If you add 2 or more items to your cart and make a payment, you will automatically receive a discount.
    It will be held until November 30th.

    Coats, jackets, pants, vests, and caps using down have arrived. This is the last shipment of 22AW products.

    If you purchase 2 or more items during the 2buy10%Off campaign and return them to try them on, if the total after the return is less than 2 items, the 10% discount will be canceled and refunded. Please note.

    MEN'S NON-NO November issue publication product
    Golspie Navy

  • Polartec fleece series arrival

    Light and warm jackets, pullovers, pants, coats and caps made with Polartec fleece have arrived.
    Camel, gray development. Please take a look.

  • the coat has arrived

    Sorry I made you wait.

    BLACK WATCH coat and TWEED coat have arrived. Please take a look at NEW ARRIVALS on TOP PAGE.

  • Announcement of AOR EX APRON release

    Adult Oriented Robes and L'ECHOPPE, THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL triple collaboration special aprons have been released.

    This item was created for a stylish party event held at THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL .

     It is a special item with limited quantity. Please take a look.

  • AOR 22AW new product has been uploaded

    Thank you for waiting.

    22AW Fleece sweatshirts, Tweed JK PT, Black Watch JK PT series, etc. are now available.
    The tweed and blackwatch coats will be arriving soon.

  • Girlfinham Posted Adult Oriented Robes 2022SS Collection

    Under the theme of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", in the web magazine " Girl Finham " that disseminates fashion and culture

    Adult Oriented Robes article is up.
    Please take a look.

    Adult Oriented Robes 2022SS Collection
    After 5 with volleyball and lemon sour.

  • Information on the start of the try-on function

    We have started a service that allows you to try on from June 1st.

    The object is a jacket and pants.
    You can return the item after trying it on, so please complete the return procedure within one week of arrival.

    If you wish to return the product, please use the enclosed Sagawa Express delivery slip after contacting us using the designated form, or return the product by courier service at a convenience store near you. The return address is stated in the input form and email.

    Click here for return form

    Refunds will not be accepted if there is a feeling of use, dirt, tears, or the tag is removed, so please be aware of this before trying on.

    See below for details.
    return policy

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or chat box.

    try me
  • Under POP UP development

    POP UP is currently being held at the following stores.

    During the period, we have a large number of products other than normal products, mainly 22SS products.
    Please drop in at this opportunity.

    ~end date undecided Tokyo