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About the try-on function

Only eligible products such as jackets, pants, and coats can be returned after being tried on for one week after arrival. However, sale items are not eligible for try-on during the period.

Caps, Urake, cut-and-sew, fleece, T-shirts, etc. cannot be tried on.

Only items with the "Purchase after trying on" button on the product page can be returned after trying on. If you would like to return the item after trying it on within one week of receiving it, please apply for a return from the URL provided in the email and send it back.

To return the product, please use the enclosed Sagawa Express delivery slip within one week after contacting us using the designated form, or return the product by courier service at a convenience store near you. For the return address, please specify the address printed on the input form, email, and invoice.

About billing For about 10 days after ordering, credit card billing will not be performed and only credit (hold) will be made. If we can confirm the return within 10 days, we will not charge you. After 10 days, it will be automatically settled once. The payment will be canceled when the returned product is confirmed in the warehouse.

* If you are using a prepaid card or debit card via Apple pay , Prepaid cards or debit cards do not have the concept of credit, so credit is secured = withdrawal. Please note that in the case of cancellation or return, the refund will be made immediately after confirmation.

It takes about 2 business days to confirm the product even if it arrives at the warehouse. Depending on the closing date of the card company, you may be billed once. In that case, please understand that it may be canceled (refunded) in the next month or the month after next.

Click here for return form

*If you want to return all items, please also return the novelty that was delivered.

*If you cannot complete the return procedure using the form,

Please let us know.

Refunds will not be accepted for returned items that are not eligible for use, stains, tears, the smell of perfume, animal hair, or if the paper tag has been removed (lost). Please try it on indoors for a short time.

See below for details.

return policy

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.